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outlive your social vise

By nalwoga - Posted on 30 Noviembre 2009
Listening to John Dada's presentation was touching, in a way that little children were implicated for adults misfortunes, and they were answerable to that. Imagine the voiceless to become a voice to the voiced people, without any protection! I was attending a GEM workshop in Bali, Indonesia but I was deeply saddened by the torture inflicted on children which led to deaths. Lying down on my bed in the villa (hotel room), in Ubud village, I switched on the t.v to watch BBC. Oh.. what a coincidence! BBC was awarding the best presenters; and one of the people who worn the best documentary and video was a reporter from Nigeria- the name i have forgotten because i found the program already started. The documentary was about the same story that our presenter John focused on. I wanted to call everyone to switch on their t.vs and watch the program but, i was in the room and had no room numbers of the participants in my memory, whom i wanted to watch the program. The following day I was able to share the story with them during breakfast. Little children were implicated in the misfortunes faced by the adults, eventually leading to their deaths. Some of them were even chased from homes and used other elders to plead for them to be accepted back in their homes. Then they passed on a massage to all;that they are not trouble causers nor are they bad to anyone they are just children ... That was a very strong message passed on to the communities and the leaders. I hope the Nigerian authorities intervene to arrest this vise.
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