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2nd GEM Global Training Exchange

During the 3-day 2nd GEM Global Training Exchange, I learned a lot from the experiences shared from all the practitioners who presented and shared. I meet a lot of friends from different countries of the world or shall I say different GEM Practitioners of the world. It's really a great learning experience.
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First Time

This is my first time to visit Indonesia, my first time to know about digital story-telling and my first time to make my own digital story. For the three first time's, I'm very happy and fulfilled.
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Development of Training Tools to Promote Livelihood for Women

I am very much excited for the new project our CeC or telecenter is going to have which will start on December 7 until December 22, 2009. The project is entitled Development of Training Tools to Promote Livelihood for Women. It's a project to give livelihood training to rural women in our community particularly the wives of the farmers. I can't wait for our women to use our telecenter. They are all very excited since most of them has just use computers and visited our telecenter since they are living in a very far flung barangay in our town.
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