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Movie raises interest in GEM

I was able to invite a few of my colleagues to watch the movie "Relevance of ICT and Gender". this was the movie I produced during our digital story telling workshop.

I could sense that they wanted to know more about gender, so when finally one of them broke the silence, the conversation about what gender is started and everyone was sharing and participating on the discussion. At least it was a good start to tickle their thoughts.Read more

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GEM is like a door....

The digital story telling was a pleasant revelation to me. It was an opportunity to learn so much in a short span of time about GEM practitioners and how their lives changed.

Thank you for sharing everything. You were all so open not just like a window but like a door inviting me to enter and participate.

I hope that I would be able to be as open as you all are and be to be able to communicate better.


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An article entitled "The Heart of a Female CeC Manager"

cec manager: Heart of a CeC Manager

I found the story entitled “The Heart of a CeC Manager” posted at the eLGU website truly inspiring.Read more

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