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Capacity Building of Lithuanian Women through ICT and Networking

By mygemadmin - Posted on 12 August 2004

Organization Name: Women’s Issues Information Centre

[Central and Eastern Europe - Lithuania]


Women's illiteracy and lack of opportunities for better education are not issues in Lithuania. However the level of education does not ensure better-paid jobs for Lithuanian women. The project evaluated by Women’s Issues Information Centre (WIIC) aims to improve the economic status of women in five rural and less dynamic areas of Lithuania via application of ICT.
The overall goal of their evaluation was to get feedback from women who attended basic training courses, and to find out if the courses had an impact on their learning as well as in their lives. The evaluation questions formulated by a four-person evaluation team addressed the following ICT and gender issues: did ICTs respond to women's current needs; were women interested in free of charge ICT training sessions; was women’s access to the Internet ensured; how did computer rooms influence the decision to use the computer and the Internet. The WIIC evaluation employed questionnaires for collection of quantitative data and focus-group interviews for finding qualitative information.



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