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Revitalization of the War-Affected Areas of Croatia Utilising ICT

By mygemadmin - Posted on 12 August 2004

Organization Name: ZaMirNET

[Central and Eastern Europe - Croatia]

ZaMirNET JOb Search Training

ZaMirNET is a non-governmental organisation that uses ICT to provide and create information relevant for civil society development in Croatia. ZaMirNET evaluated its Job Search Training, which aimed to increase the career planning skills and knowledge of people living in the war-affected areas of Croatia. Because of substandard living conditions and lack of employment opportunities, many people in these areas are reduced to passivity.
ZaMirNET's evaluation aimed to monitor the impact of the course on the increase of participants‘ skills, knowledge and motivation. Special attention was given to gauging the effect of the training on participants' self-confidence. Since ZaMirNET had experienced lower responses from women over 40 in its earlier ICT trainings, the evaluation team decided to measure not only gender, but age-related differences in impact and feedback.

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