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La GEM en temps difficiles : Comment mettre fin à la violence sectaire

Depuis le mois de janvier, le Nigeria est déchiré par les conflits sectaires. « Il y a eu une inhumation en fosse commune avant-hier et on compte près de trois cents corps, dont plus de 80 % de femmes et d’enfants » a indiqué John Dada, membre d'APC, à APC. « Quelle ironie qu'en ce mois de célébration de la Journée de la femme, de telles atrocités soient commises envers des femmes et des enfants innocents ». Les femmes sont culturellement respectées puisque ce sont elles qui donnent la vie, et si John rejette la faute de ce bouleversement culturel à la pauvreté croissante et l’isolement économique, il entrevoit tout de même des solutions possibles. Read more
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GEM in Hard Times: Sectarian violence in Nigeria can be beaten

Women of JosKAFANCHAN (John Dada, Fantsuam Foundation for APC) - Since January, sectarian strife has ripped through Nigerian communities.  “A mass burial took place the day before yesterday and body counts are close to three hundred with over 80% of them women and children,” APC member John Dada told APC. “It is ironic that in the month of the Celebration of Women’s Day, such atrocities are being visited on innocent women and children.” Women are culturally respected as the givers of life and John blames deepening poverty and economic alienation for the cultural reversal but he sees a potential solution.Read more

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ICT Skills Training for Women in Rural Communities in Nigeria

Organization Name: Fantsuam Foundation

[Africa - Nigeria]

Fatsuam Foundation

Fantsuam Foundation's overall objective is to promote access to ICT facilities and skills' training among women in rural communities in Nigeria. In partnership with these communities, the Foundation is setting up Community Learning Centres (CLCs), where trainings and access to ICT equipment is provided. The BayanLoco Community Learning Centre has been the most successful among the CLCs and received the first African Hafkin Prize. Part of the monetary award was set aside to provide scholarships to women and girls who enrolled in IT skills training at the Centre.
GEM evaluation was used to find out if the services provided in the CLC contribute to women and girls' empowerment. One of the main questions raised in their evaluation was how the CLC was able to address the biases and fears of women in relation to ICTs.Read more

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